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Sora Bailey
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Name: Sora Bailey
Age: 16
Grade/Occupation: Junior
Clubs/Extra curricular activities: YOU MEAN I HAVE TO PICK JUST ONE? DDDD:
Short bio: Perhaps best described as a blinding idiot, Sora at least comes by it honestly. He was raised by his father, his mother having died at a young age, and they both have lived by the belief that smiling is the only way to defeat the sadness, perhaps taking it to new extremes, at times. Under his cheerful demeanor, Sora is a solid, steady person, and while at times he can be oblivious, he can also be surprisingly perceptive about the important things, especially when it comes to his friends, ♥ Math is not his best subject, but at least he tri- ...well. Math really isn't his best subject. For the most part, however, Sora is willing to try just about everything, and try to do his best, too. Competitive, but easy going, he'll take a friend over an enemy any day.

Schedule will be posted as soon as I figure out how to fiiiiix iiiiiiit. DDD: Why aren't these things ever right first try? AHAHAHA. HA. ^.^;; I, uh, almost forgot:

1. English III
2. Algebra II
3. Painting I
4. US History
5. Latin 1
6. Gym
7. Pastry & Baking I

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